Tuesday, October 25, 2011

exciting love?

just finished reading a short manga, it's about a girl those being bullied in her junior year, then when she stepped to senior year her goal was to change her self. there she fell in love with a guy, but suddenly the guys bestfriend confess that he also is in love with his buddy. haha thought the other guy is gay but i don't think so so cuz he's cute. she confessed her feeling to her crush then the guy accepted it. they three became friends. then suddenly they met the guy's ex-girlfriend. the girl found out that her crush and his ex didn't had the chance to talk about their break-up so she made a way for them to have time to talk. after that her crush and his ex had reunited their relationship. oh no?? what should the two do (girl and guys bestfriend) they became closer friends. when they're both down because of heartbreak, the girl told the other guy to confess and help him to talk to his beastfriend. after the guy confess his feelings for his bestfriend, the guy accepted it and hugged them both. :)

after then, one day, he fell in inlove with the girl and the girl accepted it. see?? the guy im talking is the bestfriend of the crush of the girl.. haha how funny they both ended up with each other. :))

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