Sunday, April 15, 2012


super show 4 part 1: intro, superman+opera+bonamana

my gosh. the opening part with the boys in the water made my heart beat fast.. haha mixture of sexiness and manliness. the first 3 song are also catchy. they made me sing with them :)

super show 4 part 2: leeteuk (saxophone, piano and singing "she")+2nd intro: siwon, sungmin, eunhyuk, donghae and leeteuk playing ice hockey+perfection+a-cha

leeteuk was so handsome back there. playing the saxophone, piano, giving flowers while singing. made many girl's love him more..the 2nd intro was good. the perfection and a-cha part was so cool. haha i actually danced with them while watching LOL xD
super show 4 part 3: 3rd intro(ryeowook on piano ft. yesung, kyuhyun, sungmin, donghae)+storm+y+

amazing pianist. that's ryeowook, and my gosh! donghae made me feel the emotion he's into, can't bare to see sungmin oppacrying lke that on 3:14. my heart broke, kyuhyun and yesung are also good actors, the boy's exceeded my expectation. the song storm is very soothing matched with the boy's voices.unexpectedly kyuhyun cracked at 6:40. i was like, "what the hell! i'm jealous with those girl's sitting with them",  and then i was like "ha! they left! hahaha" when they performed the song Y.

super show 4 part 4: lovely day+our love+u+sorry sorry

awesome performance from the boy's as expected, lovey dovey from eunhae at 5:19, i was touched when they started to watched a video showing clips when they were still complete and starting to conquer the world at 6:25, it made my heart melt when the fans started to sing a part. their performance with the song "U" made me smile, thinking that even they were not complete they sang and danced it nicely. sorry sorry made me stand and danced with them haha love the donghae-sungmin part at 19:46, 19:48, even when yesung cracked at 19:56 and oh my! siwon's abs at 20:10  :)

super show 4 part 5: 4th intro ft super junior's best assets maybe?+mr. simple(japanese version)

eunhyuk's sexy body, sungmin's morning smirk, dongahe's lovely chin, ryeowook's cute nose, shindong's cute hands, leeteuk's sexy look, yesung's adam's apple, kyuhyun's broad shoulders kyaaah made me stiff LOL, a great performance with matching jacket's with laser lights at mr. simple japanese version, actually it's my first time to hear the version,  loved the dance part! 

found henry and zhou mi's solo's below :))
henry singing billionaire, the lazy song, lighters

i was like, oh my! then he played the piano and violin imma *speechless*, i know that he plays them but in a perfect way like that! he's very talented! hope he was a permanent member and not a subgroup member only. henry fighting! :)

zhoumi singing because of you

i'm not very familiar with zhoumi, but i like his voice and facial expression while singing. :)

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