Thursday, April 12, 2012

[HD] Super Junior- It's You MV

"너라고 (It's You)" is a digital single by Korean boy band Super Junior.

Music Video
The music video was directed by Soo-Hyun Cho and filmed in a studio in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea in late April 2009. It premiered on the evening of May 12, 2009 on Cyworld with a positive reception. The music video was originally planned to be released on the same day as the repackaged album release, but because an unfinished version of it was illegally leaked on the morning of May 12, SM Entertainment decided to push forward the release time to 7 P.M. of that same day. There are slight differences in both versions. In the leaked unedited version, there are more scenes of Han Gengwhispering the phrase "it's you" (너라고, Neorago) in Korean, while in the official release, those scenes are replaced with the Super Junior members assembling to their stools. Certain scenes are also shot at different angles, and more special effects are added into the dancing scenes.
A second version of the music video, which excludes the intercut sequences of choreographed dancing, was released on May 15, 2009. The video opens with a scene of a girl returning her ring toKibum. A loud heart beat sounds when Kibum painfully walks away with the ring in his hand. Kibum passes by Han Geng, who somberly looks down at his phone. He whispers "It's you, it's you, it's only you for me, it's you" in Korean and walks away. Donghae appears behind him and walks down the street, followed by Kyuhyun who walks after him. Kyuhyun walks past a car parked in a street intersection, and Yesung walks out of the street. Leeteuk appears behind Yesung, playing with a necklace. As he walks toward the end of the street, Siwon hesitantly walks toward a phone booth. Ryeowook rushes past him holding a bouquet of flowers. As he smells the flowers, he whips past Kang-in who is sitting down at a table angrily reading a letter. Kyuhyun appears again and quickly unbuttons his jacket, checking the time on his watch. He walks by Eunhyuk, who is spraying graffiti on the wall with the words "Only 4 U." Kang-in walks into a coffee shop and passes by Sungmin who is writing a letter. Shindong walks out of the coffee shop, passing by Ryeowook who has been waiting in front of the shop. Ryeowook angrily throws down his bouquet of flowers, looks at his watch, and walks away. He passes by Han Geng, who is emotionally talking through his phone. Han Geng walks past Yesung and Eunhyuk doing a handshake in an alleyway, and Yesung walks past Sungmin, who is now mailing his letter. Kyuhyun quickly walks past Sungmin and passes by Heechul in the middle of the street, who is sitting on his motorcycle and taking off his helmet. The rest of the Super Junior members appear walking by Heechul, and Siwon is now shouting through the phone. He slams the phone back and hits the phone booth. Donghae angrily walks by and steps back as the camera pans toward the rest of the Super Junior members standing behind Heechul. As Heechul whispers the same words Han Geng whispered in the beginning of the video, Kibum holds his ring to his heart and the rest of the members follow.
I personally love this song because this song was their first song I heard and search patiently in the internet. It took me 1 week continuously searching the right video and that’s when I met Super junior J

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